Sanderstead Physio

Physiotherapy in Sanderstead

Bad back? Whiplash? Sports injuries?

If any of this sounds like you or someone you know, then Sanderstead Physiotherapy can help. Sanderstead Physio is a well-known and trustworthy practice who has the skills to help any muscular damage. Opening in 2008, we are now a well established practice located in Croydon. You are guaranteed to be off the sports field for less time after being treated by our physiotherapists.

We not only provide you with top class treatment in our practice, but we also send you home with useful exercises which help to maintain strength in the injured area – minimising the risk of further damage in the future. We help people of all ages and injuries and specialise in back and sporting injuries.

Our aim is to achieve your goal! We want to get you back training for that next marathon, or on the rugby pitch to score the next tri. According to John Butcher, Sanderstead, ‘after only two visits and sessions of treatment and recommended exercises the pain and stiffness was gone’. This is just one of practice’s many happy and relieved clients.

What Physiotherapists do

Movement and Exercise: Helps to rebuild, maintain and increase strength in muscle.

Manual Therapy Techniques: A hands-on approach to relieve muscle pain and stiffness.

More Techniques: Heat, cold and acupuncture to help ease pain. If you a struggling then visiting our Physiotherapy Croydon page today. Our website provides in depth information for any patient looking for treatment. Our team of qualified therapists are experts in a variety of fields such as: Sports medicine, orthopedic medicine and acupuncture. Appointments can be made over the telephone and an email outlined on the website is available for any who have questions. The team will be happy to help answer any questions quickly and effectively.


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