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Common cycling injuries and their treatments

Cycling is the passion and hobby of many people  all over the world and in recent years has become very popular in the UK. Many cyclists will experience a cycling injury once in their life. Many cycling injuries occur from high speed falls. A cycling injury is often an impact injury causing knee pain, neck pain, sciatica, hip pain and back pain.

Most of the common cycling injuries occur from collisions at comparatively high speeds. Due to the nature of cycling being a low impact exercise most of the injuries can be prevented by following some simple steps.

The first thing is to set the correct riding position for your cycle. You must feel comfortable with this specific position. The perfect adjustment of  the cycle with your weight and size would not require more effort from you to reach to the long distances. Back adjustment, saddle position and foot position adjustments are necessary to prevent from injuries from poor posture. Postural injuries can be easily treated with our bad back Croydon therapists. They provide you appropriate treatment that can help you to recover more quickly.

We pride ourselves on the feedback of our patients and is tribute to the years of training and experience of our physios that we are seeing more patients with cycling injuries.  With the upsurge of cycling, as you can see, every Sunday morning along The Brighton Road in Croydon, more people are requiring treatment and we have been able to treat these patients successfully. Rather than wait for months until the injuries heal naturally from the pain, our patients have been recommending us to their cycling friends as they prefer quick treatment from our physiotherapy surgery.

Once you visit our clinic, you will be impressed with our professionalism and knowledgeable treatment. As well as cycling, players from other sports also prefer to get injury treatments from our expert therapists. In the first stage, our therapists ask some questions from the patient relating to their previous health conditions as well as recent problems.

The treatments for sports injury Croydon range from Electrotherapy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Massage, Manipulation and Mobilization of joints etc. Aftercare treatment is provided in sports massage Croydon for our patients that takes the pain away quickly from  the body after exercise and to prevent injuries occurring. A quick and fast treatment does not mean that we discharge a patient right after the treatment. We recommend a patient end treatment if we find them in a good condition and able to take preventative and rehabilitation measures themselves. Most forms of physiotherapy treatments are available at our surgery. Don’t hesitant to call us and ask us any questions. You can get all the details from our website.


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