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Achilles Tendinosis – how to treat this common injury?

Achilles TendonosisAchilles Tendonisis is an injury where there are little tears of Achilles tendon just above the heel. This type of problem creates weakness, stiffness, swelling and pain from where the joins to the heel with calf muscles. This type of injury often occurs due to the repetitive nature of some sports or activities.

Most runners face a high chance of suffering from this injury at some point in their career due to the high repetitive nature of running. This problem can be treated by appropriate exercises, pain killers, ice packs and rest. This injury can have a high impact on sporting and daily activities as it is so commonly used in most locomotion. The main reason is due to pressing of their heels repetitively.

A good way to get rid from this problem is to get treatment from physiotherapy Croydon therapists. It is our aim to provide a satisfactory therapy treatment to every patient. We have physiotherapists that provide treatments for chronic backache, sports injury, spinal problems and joint problems etc. Our physiotherapy team also help prevents you from postural problems, disc problems, headaches, whiplash, neck pain, growing pains, overuse injuries, frozen shoulder, muscle tears, tendon strains etc. A lot of these injuries can stem from poor posture partially caused by Achilles injuries.

You can always feel free to ask anything about our services by calling  us on our telephone number. According to the latest survey you have more than 70% chances to have a backache in your  life. This happens because of sitting in a same posture for several hours daily in a workplace. Regular therapies and checkups can take all of your pain away and you will see a vast change. We offer different types of bad back Croydon therapies to give you quick relief. If you are still suffering with a backache then contact us now to make your life free from this painful condition. You will also find treatments for sports injury in our clinic.

Sports injury Croydon treatments give the best treatments for most sporting injuries. Help prevent that injury form affecting you sport participation as well as routine daily activities by seaking quick treatment. We have highly educated and expert physiotherapists that are committed to their work and getting you back in shape. We are very competitive and are waiting for your call.


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