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Sports Injury Croydon 

Getting sports injury Treatment in Croydon

Sports injury Croydon

Sanderstead Physiotherapy in CroydonSports participation in Croydon is reaching an all-time high, building on the success of the Olympics only 10 miles away the various local sports superstars all is looking good for this London Borough. However with increased participation, unfortunately the increased incidence of sports injuries occur.

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Physiotherapy Croydon 

what to look for in finding a Physiotherapist in croydon

Physiotherapy Croydon

Chritopher Mallows Croydon PhyiotherapistThankfully for most of us we do not often needs to call upon the services of a physiotherapist. However when it is needed how do you ensure that you get the right one for you. There are many physiotherapy clinics in Croydon and we trust that they can all provide good treatments in sports injury, back pain and other chronic injuries. Sometimes we need our minds put at rest to ensure that we are getting the best physiotherapy treatment.

First and foremost if you are looking for a physiotherapist in Croydon is to ensure that they are qualified. The head physiotherapist at physiotherapy Croydon ‘s is Christopher Mallows, who graduated the BSE on this in physiotherapy Brighton University over 20 years ago in 1993.

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Bad Back Croydon 

Treating Chronic Bad Back Pain by Physiotherapy Croydon

Bad back Croydon

Bad Back pain treated by Croydon PhysiotherapitsAccording to men’s health magazine is an 80% chance that some point in your life you will suffer from chronic back pain. There are many different causes for back pain majority of which can be treated by physiotherapists at Sanderstead physiotherapy.

One of the major back pain causes is through lifestyle and looking at the statistics Croydon in the past five years there has been an 80% increase in people taking up professional roles. This in turn can lead to prolonged periods sitting down which can cause chronic back pain.

Bad back Statistics

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Croydon Physiotherapist treating Rugby injuries in the Summer 

Are the British and Irish Lions feeling a bit of pain

Croydon Rugby palyers can still be injured out of seasonShould there have been a British Lion rugby player from Croydon?

At the end of a bruising rugby season there are still a few players out there putting their bodies on the line in the shape of the British and Irish Lions. Some may still wonder why England captain and former Warlingham Rugby player Chris Robshaw was not in the original Lions Squad, some can be now thinking it is not too late with the amount of injuries they have.

The Lions certainly know the benefit of having good physiotherapists on board with a team of 6 in the medical squad to look after the injured players. With the physical nature of the sport is is now a must for almost every club to have their own physiotherapist.

Rugby Injuries

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