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Crystal Palace football Injuries 

Sports injuries of Croydon's premier league Club
Crystal Palace injuries Being our local premiership side to Croydon we are keeping an eye on the sports injuries that arise through the season and will report back to you on the progress. It's going to be difficult for the boys at Selhurst park to stay in the premiership, let alone start of the season with the most amount of injuries having 6 players with various sports injuries at the ... read more
09 September 2013 10:48:00 Categories: Croydon Physiotherapy Crystal Palace sports injury

Spondylosis - lower back pain treatment by Croydon Physio 

back xraySpondylosis is a term that is given to a degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints in the centre of the spinal vertebra. This can be quite a severe condition which can put pressure on to some of the many nerve roots causing extreme propane and can also cause weakness in various muscles in limbs.

A lot of the causes of this due to age-related issues however it can affect people of all different ages. What happens is a narrowing of the space between two adjacent vertebra occurs compression on the nerve root from the spinal cord resulting in severe pain in the neck, shoulder, back , arm or leg. It can cause other symptoms although less common such as a loss of balance or a changing gait (walking style) as well as other embarrassing side-effects such as loss of bowel and bladder control.

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Welcome to Physiotherapy Croydon 

Welcome to Sanderstead Physiotherapy also known as Physiotherapy Croydon What to expect when visiting Physiotherapy Croydon for your first visit. Once you have made your first appointment, we will send you confirmation of your appointment time, along with directions from our clinic. For a full route you can enter your post code on the front page of the Physiotherapy Croydon ... read more
23 August 2013 13:51:00 Categories: Croydon Physiotherapy sports injury

Physiotherapist Croydon 

Looking for a Physiotherapist in Croydon
Physiotherapist Croydon Are you looking for registered physiotherapist in Croydon? If so then look no further for at Sanderstead physiotherapy we have two highly trained registered physiotherapists will be able to treat your sporting or chronic injury. Christopher mallows has held a physiotherapy degree for over 20 years as well as having a diploma was medicine in orthopaedic medicine and... read more
23 August 2013 12:57:00 Categories: accupuncture Bad Back sports injury
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