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The Causes and treatments
Sciatica is used to describe pain that follows the course of the sciatic nerve, arising in the lower back of the body and proceeding into the back of the thigh. Then pain may be felt in the back of the calf, or the lateral shin and then the foot. Other symptoms include numbness, tingling and weakness in various parts of the leg or foot. Difficulty in movement or control of the legs may also... read more
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Treating bad back pain in Croydon 

044ASP363841It’s a rather depressing thought that in our lives almost all of us will suffer from back pain of one sort or another. Back pain comes in many different types and has many different causes. From upper back pain around the neck, to middle back pain down the spine and probably the most common lower back pain including sciatica, spondylosis, disc problems amongst several others.

As one of the top physiotherapists specialising in treating back pain in Croydon you can trust on Sanderstead physio to help you manage your back pain as effective as possible. We will give you a full assessment to ensure that we find out the cause of your back pain and so we can most effectively treat you by as well as treating the symptoms we can effectively reduce the cause and get you back pain free as soon as possible.

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Number one for physiotherapy Croydon 

the winnersSanderstead Physio are officially top for Physiotherapy Croydon (according to Google search at least). We are really please as despite this not being a validation of our services it is a very strong indication that we are a trusted service in the community. We strongly believe that as part of our duty of care as physiotherapist that we also help educate people to have fit and healthy lives. So we regularly place blogs on our site keeping you informed of the many different way you can help prevent injuries as well as healing quicker.

Croydon Physio

We are really looking to build trust in the community so that when local residents are looking for a Croydon Physio they come to us first. We are very proud of our training and expertise and are happy to share our skill and knowledge with our clients. This helps us build our client base as much on recommendations and referrals as any other method.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatments in Croydon 

As a Croydon physio we see lots of cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is quite common and can be very debilitating condition that has several causes.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms

220ASPQB683-414can often be described as a pain, numbness, weakness or a tingling burning sensation around the wrist and hand. The symptoms are most likely to appear on some index and middle fingers and it can even extend up into the forearm or even to the shoulder. You may also notice a slight change in colour as the skin in the hands becomes dry and the hand and fingers could become swollen. Initially these symptoms might only occur for a short period of time and you may notice that they are worse at night. However early treatment tends to lead to quicker and speedy recovery, the longer you suffer with the symptoms are more painful and prolonged they will be in the longer the treatment to resolve will take.

What is carpal Tunnel syndrome?

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