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Whiplash Injuries 


Whiplash is a common injury. Be it a car collision or a sporting event, it affects tens of thousands of people every day through a variety of situations. You would be in the minority if you had not sustained whiplash (neck sprain) before. When it happens, you realize how much you and your life become restricted. From trying to park the car to playing with your children, everything becomes a chore.






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Daniel Sturridge - Football injury update 

He will be back on the pitch sooner than we think!

After sustaining a small injury while training with the England football team, Daniel Sturridge who was said to be off the field for 3 weeks; could return sooner. Sturridge damaged his thigh while training and later posted on Instagram ‘be back soon’. Luckily for him and his fans, the injury was not as bad as people had predicted.

It is inevitable that at some point a footballer will suffer some form a musculoskeletal injury. When this time comes, these sportsmen need to receive the best physiotherapy care to ensure that they are away from the pitch for the shortest time. Sturridge’s injury led him to miss some important matches.

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Rugby Season Injuries 

Croydon Rugby teams get ready for big hits

With the England’s Rugby Captain originating from Croydon, Chris Robshaw is all but aware of the types of injuries that can happen on the playing field. Losing five players to injuries in 2014 may seem to some like their chances of success this season are lost. But with proper physiotherapy care and recovery, the outcome of these injuries may not be so extreme. Sanderstead Physio is one of the top physiotherapists in Croydon which provides an effective treatment for muscular damage.

On a weekly basis, high schools across Croydon compete in Rugby matches which all hope to reach the NatWest cup. With the competition so intense between teams, the last thing any of the young chaps want is to be out of action by injury. Due to its location, Surrey’s Sanderstead Physio is located conveniently for its customers. <They> strive to get their patient back on the field as soon as possible.

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British athlete conquers hamstring injury 

Treat your self like a commonwealth hero

Hamstring treament at Croydon PhysiotherapyCongratulations to Greg Rutherford on winning a gold medal in long jump at the commonwealth games despite the injuries he has recently had.  Greg suffered a hamstring injury which threatened his participation in the games. With careful physio treatments and a new coach he managed to come back, compete and win.  

Hamstring injuries can cause huge problems to sportsmen and women.  They can often reoccur and can be very persistent.

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