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Sports Injury Sanderstead, Croydon 

We feel your pain
Sanderstead physio is proud to be one of the leading sports injury clinics in Croydon. We have worked with many of the athletes from all different types of sports clubs within the Croydon area whether from the occasional jogger to the professional footballer. Is fully qualified physiotherapists who specialised for over 20 years in sports injury treatments in Croydon we are confident that you... read more

Tennis injuries in Croydon 

Croydon Physiotherapy advice on Tennis Knee injuries

Croydon tennis player required Physiotherapy treatment after knee injuryCroydon Gets the Wimbledon Bug

With the Wimbledon tennis championships only a few days old have already had seven retirements through injury a record for one day apparently. Now despite Wimbledon being only a short stone‚Äôs throw from Croydon none of these injuries were stone related, it can also be noted that neither were they the ill named tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow - how about tennis knee?

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