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Welcome to Physiotherapy Croydon 

Welcome to Sanderstead Physiotherapy also known as Physiotherapy Croydon What to expect when visiting Physiotherapy Croydon for your first visit. Once you have made your first appointment, we will send you confirmation of your appointment time, along with directions from our clinic. For a full route you can enter your post code on the front page of the Physiotherapy Croydon ... read more
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Physiotherapist Croydon 

Looking for a Physiotherapist in Croydon
Physiotherapist Croydon Are you looking for registered physiotherapist in Croydon? If so then look no further for at Sanderstead physiotherapy we have two highly trained registered physiotherapists will be able to treat your sporting or chronic injury. Christopher mallows has held a physiotherapy degree for over 20 years as well as having a diploma was medicine in orthopaedic medicine and... read more
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Sports Injury Croydon 

Getting sports injury Treatment in Croydon

Sports injury Croydon

Sanderstead Physiotherapy in CroydonSports participation in Croydon is reaching an all-time high, building on the success of the Olympics only 10 miles away the various local sports superstars all is looking good for this London Borough. However with increased participation, unfortunately the increased incidence of sports injuries occur.

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