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Posts From January, 2013


With lots of our clients setting off for the slopes, we thought it would be useful to produce an article on some methods that may help you to avoid ski injuries. BEFORE YOU GO Many people who ski are very active in other sports. However some people only get active during their annual ski trip. Those that do participate in active sport may use completely different... read more
16 January 2013 14:17:00

Ski time - injuries and tips for prevention 

Its that time of year again when many of our clients, and possibly some potential clients, head to the slopes for an annual week or two of exhilarating downhill skiing. Now, skiing is a fantastic sport, but unfortunately it can yield many injuries, Here we cover a few of the most common downhill ski injuries and add a few tips to try to help you prevent injuring yourself, and ruining that... read more
13 January 2013 22:58:00

Gym Ball Fun 

We use gym/swiss balls a lot in our rehab. They are great fun as well as effective tools for rehab, especially for core stability. However some people decide to use them for other purposes - have a look at our facebook page for a very funny video, but don't try it at home. read more
10 January 2013 07:51:00