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Physiotherapy Croydon

Welcome to our friendly and expanding clinic. Sanderstead Physiotherapy is an established centre for physiotherapy in the Croydon area.

Injury? Back Pain? 

We treat all kinds of pain and injury due to musculoskeletal cause. From low back pain to neck pain, sciatica to tennis elbow, dizziness to ankle sprain, sport injury to occupational or postural problems.


Our physiotherapists are highly skilled,each physiotherapist having close to 20 years specialization in musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have post graduate training / qualification, and all physiotherapists participate in continual professional development, meaning our treatments are up to date and dynamic.

Our follow up appointments are 40 minutes duration, compared to 30 minutes at many other clinics. See our appointment page to see why we offer more.





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Sports Injury Croydon

The clinic has good links with local GPs and consultants. We will not hesitate to refer you on to consultants or other specialists should we feel that your condition requires it.

We believe every person is unique, and every injury is unique. Therefore our treatment is specific and tailored to You, not just your injury.

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Our Aims are Your Aims


Our aim is to achieve your goals – be it to enable you to run a marathon, play in that final, or simply to get a full nights sleep or walk up the stairs..

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Physiotherapy Croydon

High quality Physiotherapy in Croydon. Sanderstead Physio also serves the local surrounding area including Purley, Kenley, Warlingham. Call to book an appointment

Back Pain?

Have a look at our interactive conditions table to give an overview of the conditions that we treat. At Sanderstead Physio we will perform a detailed assessment on your first visit to get you on the road to recovery.


Have you ever tried acupuncture or want to know more? This is just one of many treatments that we provide and you never know it might be just right for you.

Back Pain

With back pain being so common and so crippling, there's no need to suffer. If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Croydon to help, then look no further than Sanderstead Physio. 

Sports Injury Croydon

With a wealth of experience of treating sports injuries in Croydon, Sanderstead Phyio can get you back into the field of play. From football injuries, tennis elbow or runners knee we provide top sports injury treatment for you.

Stiff Neck

Do you have a stiff neck? Well that is a pain. Contact Sanderstead Physiotherapy, based in South Croydon and we will get the right treatments to help you out.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain? What ever it is, Sanderstead Physiotherapy will assess you efficiently to find out the root cause and provide the correct treatment to get you up and running again.


Looking for the correct physiotherapy treatment in Croydon, then look no further. Sanderstead physio can offer a wide range of treatments to get you back into good shape.

Sport injury Croydon

Sanderstead Physio provide sports injury treatments for many local sports teams in Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead and Warlingham. Don't sit a season on the sideline,s contact one of the top Croydon physiotherapists today.


Chris did a superb job in sorting out a calf injury sustained 2 weeks before attempting the 3 peaks challenge. There is no way I would have completed the climbs without of visiting Sanderstead Physiotherapy first.

Simon Cripps - Purley

I have mobility problems as a result of a slipped epiphysis of the right hip from puberty, a right hip replacement, a left hip replacement and pain in an arthritic left knee. As well as giving me relief from stiffness and pain, Mr Mallows of Sanderstead Physiotherapy has improved my mobility so that I can get on a bus or train and I can walk. Without the treatment my mobility would be very limited compared to what it is now.  

  Mr M Caderdina South Croydon

When I visited Sandertsead Physiotherapy clinic, I was badly down with severe back ache. I had difficulty in walking, climbing stairs and even sitting and was worried. Today after my fourth session with you I can confidently say that I am completely recovered and my improvement started almost immediately after our second session. You not only set my back "on track" but also at every step explained to me the process to set my back on track. The exercises you showed me were simple  to do and I am also grateful to you for seeing me on a very short notice. I sincerely appreciate your expertise and professionalism.      
                                           Mr A Bhattacharya - Croydon
Chris is a superb physiotherapist. He has treated me for several different injuries to different parts of my body. He is obviously highly skilled at diagnosing what is wrong, and finding the best way to deal with it. He is also clearly committed to making a difference to his patients, and to ensuring their problems are fully fixed as quickly as possible.    
 Mr N Campbell Sanderstead
I  attended Sanderstead Physiotherapy in 2006 when I found the treatment very effective in restoring normal use to my arm after I had fractured my humerus. I have since attended for maintenance treatment of my cervicaL spondylosis and other spinal arthritis. Chris is unfailingly professional, sympathetic and expertly manages to relieve the pain caused by this condition.
Mrs A Holmes - Chaldon
Having a course of physiotherapy on my knee replacement significantly increased my recovery, and a chat with Chris allayed any problems and worries over the operation.            Mrs M Ricketts
When I visited the clinic (Sandertsead Physio) I was in severe pain with my lower back and right leg. After only two visits and sessions of treatment and recommended exercises the pain and stiffness was gone. I have had no problems since. Very pleased with Sandertsead Physiotherapy
Mr John Butcher - Sanderstead